Out of the Office

It was nice being away from the office for most of today. The Microsoft seminar was semi-interesting. Some demo’s of new software, which was interesting, but nothing that made me want to run out and buy any of them right this minute. There’s some things in Office XP that are nice, but nothing that would really change my life the way the presenter seemed to think it would. 🙂 Well, there was the exception of using Windows XP Professional at work and being able to use Remote Desktop to work from anywhere with my laptop. That’ll be sweet!

Upon my return to the office I was confronted with emails that make me really wonder if some people have the ability to think for themselves or not. So I’m off now to explain why not having the correct contact information for someone is not really something I can magically fix, and how to open up a document that is not compatible with Word, for at least the 6-7th time. You wonder if these same questions will just go unanswered this time next week, eh? *L*

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