While most of Friday night and Saturday revolved around the grand search for new dining room chairs, yesterday was pretty much an all-hockey day! We went to see “Miracle” early in the day, and got back home in time to catch the NHL All-Star Game on TV.

The movie was pretty good, although I will maintain that being an 11-year old kid watching the real thing back in 1980 can never be replicated by any movie! If you were there, you know what I’m talking about, you probably spent the rest of 1980 playing hockey instead of any other sport, even when it got to be summer, imagining that you were getting ready to beat the Russians. (Or maybe that was just me and my friends back in Brooklyn, I probably spent more time with my rollerskates and hockey gloves on than I did with them off that summer) That being said, the movie does a pretty decent job setting up the cultural significance of the Olympics that year and the hockey scenes are very believable, probably a result of casting actual hockey players instead of well-known actors. They even got Buzz Schneider’s son, Billy, to play Buzz in the movie, which is sort of cool. I’d recommend it.

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