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Version .0724 is out. I know I said I wasn’t going to keep updating the AIM connection battles, but it seems this version has some other bug fixes as well, so you might want to grab it. By the way they also have, in big bold red letters, a link to download the even newest AIM patch. That should get you connected to AIM for about a day or so..*L* (via NT Compatible)

Per an anonymous suggestion from the comments, I’m going to give StatcounteX a try for keeping website statistics. Hopefully that will be a weekend project this weekend, but I’ve got to get our taxes done first. That will be a chore, but my accounting background from way back when makes it a bearable chore, and they shouldn’t be too hard. (Famous last words, I know!)

Steve MacLaughlin points out that TiVo is keeping an eye on what you watch and how you watch it. It would be sad if your wife found out just how many times you replayed that Britney Spears commercial, wouldn’t it?

According to John Robb , WorldCom is cutting free coffee for it’s employees as a way to cut costs. Our CEO threatened to do that a few weeks ago, which is ok. I’ll just bring my own coffee-maker from home, and lock the door to my office, thereby making the coffee smell available to the rest of the staff, but the supply limited to only me. Or is that too evil?

Anyone else ever had to completely rearrange their schedule and potentially work over every night for two weeks because other offices are getting new carpet, and no one wants to take the responsibility to unhook computers, move them, wait for the carpeting to be put in, move them back and hook them back up? I guess those color coded cables are too confusing! But starting the 18th, that may be exactly what I’m doing. And I’m not even getting new carpet!

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