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My wife just sent me a little message over our work intranet that said “Hey that javascript last updated thingy on Robyn’s blog kicks ass!” See what she’s talking about here. The original tip came from Call for Help. See, the advantages of having a blogging wife who works in the same place as you are endless!

Life Uncommon points us to a pretty decent site with some pretty decent PHP scripts. I might have to bookmark that sucker in case I need a PHP script!

Geek Blog has been giving me some blog pushback about a few items, so let me give it back. I know you were creating a wishlist sort of thing for Blogtrack , I was simply agreeing that those would be really nice features that would make it even better than it already is. Also the free personal Webtrends bites! It really only tracks referrers and page hits to the main root of the site, which this blog is not on. ( that would be the default.htm page, in my case). The rest count as hits, but they are unidentified hits. The for pay versions are awesome, we have them at work and there is a ton of useful stuff in there, but I don’t have $35 a month for that here!

Oh and thanks to Brian Kane who has this blog listed as one of “Blogs I’ve been reading recently”. Hope you’re enjoying the insanity!

Can you tell that I’ve had a bit more free time to read blogs the last couple of days?

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