What I missed while I was gone:

Well first of all, you missed a great show last night, unless you were there. 🙂 Midnight Oil still rocks with the best of them, I have never seen a band (and I’ve seen a lot of bands!) play with that much passion and intensity. They still play that way, 25 years after their first album came out. Amazing.

Thanks to Geek, and others, I found out the CARP recommendations were rejected by the Library of Congress. Excellent!

nf0 points us to yet another news aggregator, Aggie. I can’t add this one to the comparison article because it requires .Net framework, which I do not have. (I still use 98 at home and 2000 on my laptop..) Anyone want to volunteer to test it and report back?

Well, after the late night last night, I scheduled today for an off day, so I’m at home, doing some writing for my other site. It’s a nice break, and it’s very nice to find some time to do some real soul-searching in my writing. I don’t spend enough time with that. You can read my review of not only the show last night, but my personal feelings about being back in Bogart’s 13 years after the first trip there to see Midnight Oil and the rambling personal thoughts that late-night road trips can bring up here.

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