Bad Legislation Never Dies:

Senate group to consider copy controls

Yes it’s back! The SSSCA bill! Learn more about it here. If you want the government completely involved in making sure you don’t break any potential laws with your PC, then feel free to ignore this. But if you feel like the government has gone too far in considering putting a trojan horse on your PC to monitor everything you do with it, it’s time to stand up for your rights!

Speaking of government intrusion, my wife tells me there was a good episode of Law and Order last night dealing with technology and privacy issues. It sounded pretty interesting, too bad I went to bed early. Did anyone see it, or were you all too busy watching the RIAA corporate, BS music-fest, the Grammy’s? (Although I do like the fact that U2 won, that does make it slightly less crappy, since they, you know, actually write music and play musical instruments.)

Work lesson for the day, boys and girls…if you have a problem with the printer, especially if it’s a network printer, it’s not ok to simply reset it to factory defaults and try to print again! The factory default IP address is not available over our network. So now, no one can print to it, and your kind system admin is going to have to go through more documentation to figure out how to reset the IP address because he hasn’t had to do it since they were installed back in 2000. What part of asking someone before you decided to do something as drastic as reset the default values for a printer did you not understand? OK it turned out to relatively simple using the HP JetDirect software, but that was a good 30 minutes that no one could print because of someone else’s mistake.

I just read that got fired for stuff she said about co-workers on her website. Hmm, I might have to be careful about what I say here, huh?

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