Why I’m a skeptic

Here’s a good reason why I have a hard time believing most of what I hear from news organizations. It’s all about making the story more interesting than it really is and inducing panic so that people stay tuned, isn’t it?

So, we’ve got newspeople spouting basically whatever comes into their heads as truth, and you have a US Senator spouting off about possible terrorists ties to West Nile without a shred of evidence and people still manage to take any of them seriously. I have to wonder why. I also half-wonder why none of them gets arrested for “inducing panic”. That is still a crime, is it not?

The new Dell arrived Friday right at 5PM, and since we were vacationing with Angela’s family this weekend, I only had time to take it out of the box and plug it in. I’ll be configuring, installing software, moving data and all that other fun “new computer” stuff in between other projects over the next few days.

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