Just when I spent last night thinking that my site traffic had slowed down somewhat since the outage this weekend, Chris mentions me in Today’s Lockergnome along with seven other blogs that he visits but which aren’t well known. (And are very good by the way!) Thanks Chris, and thanks for stopping by all you Gnomies, hope to see you in Des Moines for Gnomedex 2002!

Should be a relatively quiet day at work today, unless something breaks, of course. It’s not quite the end of the month, when I’d have to put my DBA hat on, so I should be able to have my Researcher hat on and check out the tech news online and what not. There aren’t any outstanding projects that I’m working on, and no one is currently waiting on me for anything. This is, indeed, a rarity. How long before someone is down in my office with some bizarre request? Anyone want to start a pool? *L* Update : Not 20 minutes after I posted that, I got a request that requires me to go digging through some old printer documentation, so much for my quiet day, and the pool is off. 😉

In that news I found these little tidbits:

If Morpheus Is Illegal, So Is The Rest Of The Net – EFF

-It’s an interesting legal argument, obviously if the file-sharing software is illegal because it allows people to do something illegal, than Microsoft and AOL are obviously at fault too, because they provide the computers and the internet connection to conduct illegal activity. I think they might just have a point. Of course none of it matters because the record companies are going to go the “copy protected CD” route pretty soon anyway, so that’ll make it harder for casual copying. They’ll just treat all consumers as potential criminals in order to protect their $$.

Steven gives us the Myth of Tech Support. How very true! Except he leaves out the bit about how your customer satisfaction goes up because you’re making it appear that your tech support is better, so you sell more product which increases the number of calls you get to the point where your satisfaction ratings go down again and you get fired. *L*

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