Just had the telephone vendor out to do some analog line installs. Our graphic designer asked my wife about what we were doing to the phone line in his office. She told him we were putting in a modem line now, so if the T1 connection ever goes down he’ll be able to get a dialup connection in his office. He walked down to my office and said “I had to ask Angela to find out what’s going on around here.”

Me- “My boss told me to put it in, that your boss had asked for it.”

Him- “Oh they never mentioned it to me.”

Me- “Of course not..” *rolling eyes*

Is it just me or was yesterday’s Foxtrot strip too geeky for general newspaper consumption? How many people in the world could that have appealed to?

Dan Bricklin has his own venture into the articles about weblogs fray. It doesn’t suck, probably because Dan is actually a blogger. 🙂

Teens drink quarter of all alcohol consumed in US .

“The Columbia center’s director of policy research, Susan Foster, said the group would recommend an end to all television ads for alcohol, which would include beer as well as spirits. But she acknowledged NBC’s decision complicated the situation.

“It’s certainly going to be an uphill battle. But what we hope to do is break open a national dialogue,” Foster said. -What do you think the chances of that dialogue including someone who thinks the drinking age should be lowered back to 18 will be? Yeah I doubt it too, but if you take out 18-20 year olds, I wonder how much the overall numbers become much less of an issue? Plus it’s hard to take such a stupid law seriously. How do you take an 18 year old kid, who can vote, get married, own a house, join the military and die for his country and tell him that it’s wrong for him to have a beer?

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