Off the Learning Pathway at #ILTACON2018 – Sessions I’m Looking Forward To Outside the Lit Support Path

If you’re attending ILTA’s annual conference next week, I’m sure by now that you’ve seen the “learning pathways” that are a part of the sessions schedule. Naturally, there is a list of sessions designated the Litigation Support Professionals Pathway. It’s fairly solid, and a good start to your agenda, and I’m not going to bother highlighting any of those. Suffice it to say, if you hit that list, you’ll get to hear a lot about Litigation Support work from some excellent speakers.

What I want to do is highlight some sessions that are not on that pathway, that I am looking forward to as a Litigation Support Professional:

Monday Aug 20: 1PM – eDiscovery and Litigation Support for Small Firms: Which Hat Should I Wear Today?

I’m not really sure how a session with “eDiscovery and Litigation Support” in the title, is not on the learning pathway for Litigation Support, but I assume it’s because this session conflicts with another session – eDiscovery Training Roadmap, that is on the pathway. They both seem really interesting, but I can only be in one room at a time. For me, despite my extensive background in training, or maybe because of it, the small firm session is the choice.

Tues. Aug 21 11:30AM – Watch a 15 Year Old Hack Your Firm’s Users

Let’s face it, you’re intrigued. You want to see it, you want to laugh at how simple it really is, and then you’ll be scared to death that it’ll be your firm next. It’s OK, embrace that fear.

Tues. Aug 21 2:30PM – The Hard Sell on Soft Skills: A Development Challenge for IT Professionals

This one conflicts with the Litigation Support Roadmap session on Office365 and eDiscovery, so if O365 is a huge deal to you, I get it. On the other hand, that one is being recorded, and this one isn’t. Just saying. If your job entails dealing with attorneys, clients, and vendors, brushing up on your soft skills might not be the worst choice you can make.

Weds. Aug 22 11:30AM – How Tweet It Is… Until You Try to Save Them All Forever

This one may just be a personal interest to me, and not just because, TWITTER!, but actually because I want to hear about how even the Library of Congress has realized that it can’t store everything forever. If they can’t, surely your firm shouldn’t even try, right?

Thurs. Aug 23 9:00AM – Expectations of Outside Counsel: A General Counsel Perspective

This one is actually a tough choice. The Roadmap session in this same slot is on Design Thinking in Lit Support, and that session is not being recorded, though it appears this one is. I’m going against my own normal advice here when it comes to choosing the non-recorded session whenever possible in this case though because I actually heard David and one of his colleagues do a webinar with this same title last year. It was great, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve already been looking into Design Thinking, and I do feel like it’s important for those of us dealing with clients data, to know what they expect from us as a firm.

Can’t go wrong either way though.

Thurs. Aug 23 2:00PM – Trial Prep Processes For Law Firms with Limited Resources

Again, another session that I think should be on the Litigation Support Roadmap, but isn’t. Maybe law firms with limited resources don’t normally have Lit Support professionals who can also do some trial tech? Maybe we’re just lucky that way, but we do, and I’m very interested to see what we could be doing better around that whole process. Especially since I’ll be coming home after the conference and jumping right in to trial prep.

There are also multiple session workshops around AI and Data Analytics that I’m interested in, but just can’t make 3-4 sessions work in the schedule to take part in those entire programs. Those tools are the present and future of eDiscovery, though. It would definitely behoove us to be aware of them and learn as much as possible, but I’m going to hope that I can’t catch the recordings, or at least some live tweeting from folks in those sessions.

As always, I’ll be tweeting, and probably tossing up a blog post or two during the week, and if you want to say hi, or grab a drink, feel free to hit me up on the ILTACON app. My info is public in the app.



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