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Linked – Management 101 should include basic mental health training

I think Sarah makes a great point about how we should just all be more aware of the mental health state of the people around us. It just so happens that for most adults, the people who are around much more than anyone else, are the people they work for and with.

“As a licensed mental health professional, I’d like to dispel the myth that you need to be a licensed professional to move the needle on mental health. When something is as prevalent, stigmatized, and costly as is mental illness in the workplace, it demands solutions that are integrative and embedded into the fabric of daily life. Basic training in mental health promotion doesn’t involve a two-year graduate degree, nor is it intended to turn managers into therapists (that would be a terrible idea). It is just awareness and human relations 101: How to be kind, how to listen, what to look out for, and how to create an environment of emotional (or psychological) safety.”

Let’s face it, between the time we spend in the office, and connected to the office electronically, that’s the obvious place where cracks in our stress levels and mental health are going to show up. We’d all be better served if someone was paying attention to those small cracks before they become major ones.

And it’s in the employers best interest too, to prevent major problems with the people who work for them. Maybe, just maybe, actually training managers in the soft skills, and expecting them to care about the well-being of the people who report to them, would help.

That’s just training people in leadership and management IMHO. And it’s sorely lacking.

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