Voice Mail for Skype

Interesting link from Chad concerning something called Replay Telecorder that allows you to get recorded messages from Skype.

Maybe when I’m feeling better I’ll try to set that up and see how it works, more for curiousity’s sake than anything else, since I’ve now used Skype a couple of times and will probably keep it around. Don’t know that I need voice mail for it, but it’s a toy to play with, right?

Yes, I’m struggling through the work day with a pretty nasty little head cold. Angela and I have both had this going since yesterday. I had to come in today to do invoicing, which is done, but I figure if I made it out of bed and to work there’s little point in going home now, so I’m trying to tough it out until 5, then go home get good and drugged and hit the bed, which is what Angela did yesterday while I was up attending to some other matters. Hopefully it did her some good and she feels better than I do at this point! We’ll see how the day goes though, I make no promises of coherent thought.. 🙂

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