What’s going on today?

News items while I wonder when Blogtrack will be back online, and wait for Dave Winer to get better and back to blogging:

Put a fork in AudioGalaxy, they’re done, to no one’s surprise I would think.

Today’s the day that The Library of Congress is set to decide Internet Radio royalty rates. Let’s hope he comes up with something that will keep the business healthy instead of limiting it to just big media corporations, a la broadcast radio.

NPR tries to explain it’s linking policy. And does a very poor job at that! How did this guy ever get his job?

My favorite quote for today from Dane Carlson:

This last month, I’ve gotten used to getting up before dawn for World Cup matches but for the last two days there haven’t been any. Now, I just sit in the quiet of the early morning and whispher “Goal!” -Oh the mental image is too funny!

Now if I only had anything remotely interesting to work on today, I’d be a happy camper. Oh well, maybe it’s time to shut the office door and do some reading. (Ahh summer, the time of year when the average amount of solitaire playing throughout the office quadruples!)

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