Is there budget for a recliner?

That was my comment when word finally came down this afternoon that our network folks were going to allow us poor helpdeskers to use the offer remote assistance feature of Windows XP. We use Remote Assistance quite frequently, obviously for our remote offices, but with folks who are in our building sometimes it was just easier to walk to their desk than it was to walk them through how to send an invitation. I joked that with this ability now, I needed a recliner because I was never getting up from my desk again. 🙂

Now, before anyone leaves a comment, there are still some things that I’ll need to get up and do, I can’t remote in to switch out peripherals, or unjam printers, etc. Obviously, I was exaggerating for effect, but I do think it will be nice to be able to offer assistance instead of trying to teach users how to send the invite.

Personally, even if I could remotely do everything, I still think it’d be a good idea for myself or any IT folks to get out and mingle with the users some. There something to be said for the human element in the user/support relationship, we shouldn’t let technology get in the way of it.

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