Little bit of morning news:

Microsoft releases a second patch for IM and a work-around for the gopher vulnerability. -the first patch didn’t work the way it was supposed to. 🙂 Update: late Weds. afternoon they released four more fixes.

An excellent interview with Stan Liebowitz about file sharing, piracy and DRM. He’s seeing what I’m seeing, there’s been no real damage to record sales since file-sharing became popular.

Kevin’s feelings on Product Activation:

I still feel that if I pay good money for it, I should be able to use it on as many of my OWN pc’s as I want

I understand the feeling but that’s not what the EULA says, it never has been what the Windows EULA said, so there’s no legal basis for you to be allowed to do that.

L.M. Orchard has some stuff to go along with Amphetadesk. Let this serve as a mental note to check that out after our vacation. (linked pulled from Jenny)

Gretchen’s talking about telnetting to a bbs system. Ah the good old days. Maybe I should send her that AOL 1.5 floppy I found, eh? It talks about the great “international email gateway to the internet” they were sporting back in those days. That was big to the BBS world, if I recall.

Given the lack of comments about the test page I assume that no one who looked at it had any obvious problems with it, that’s good. (I could also assume that it’s so hideous that no one wants to be the one to point that out, but I’m not going to, because I’ve seen far worse pages! *L*) In time this will all be sporting the new logo..

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