OneNote Image Writer

Someone sent me an email this afternoon to let me know that the link I had previous posted to this page, the OneNote Image Writer virtual print driver, was dead and to ask if I had a copy of the file. I did, on my desktop at my old job, I think, but I didn’t even realize that I don’t have a copy of the install until he asked today. Does anyone out there have a copy they could send me, or point us in the direction of where to download it? Drop me a line, Mike.mcbride at Gmail.

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  1. No such luck. Tablet PC Edu Pack has a strict requirement on Tablet PC OS 2005. Installing the SDK did not help.

  2. well the annoying thing is that when I loaded the msi file it didn’t complete all the way and I don’t have the printer installed (but it is available as a printer port – Mike did you get it working?

  3. Andy, since I already had it installed on this machine I can’t run the installer, I did pass it on to the person who asked originally, and sent him an email asking if he had problems, so we’ll see!

  4. Sounds like he’s having the same problem with the MSI, maybe there was something else with the installer?

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