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Someone sent me an email this afternoon to let me know that the link I had previous posted to this page, the Image Writer virtual print driver, was dead and to ask if I had a copy of the file. I did, on my desktop at my old job, I think, but I didn’t even realize that I don’t have a copy of the install until he asked today. Does anyone out there have a copy they could send me, or point us in the direction of where to download it? Drop me a line, Mike.mcbride at .

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  1. JP
    | Reply

    It appears that the Image Write has been folded into the Tablet PC Education Pack. I am trying to determine if it will install on a non-tablet machine – although I suspect the workaround if it does not is to install the Tablet SDK.

  2. JP
    | Reply

    No such luck. Tablet PC Edu Pack has a strict requirement on Tablet PC OS 2005. Installing the SDK did not help.

  3. Andy
    | Reply

    well the annoying thing is that when I loaded the msi file it didn’t complete all the way and I don’t have the printer installed (but it is available as a printer port – Mike did you get it working?

  4. Mike McBride
    | Reply

    Andy, since I already had it installed on this machine I can’t run the installer, I did pass it on to the person who asked originally, and sent him an email asking if he had problems, so we’ll see!

  5. Mike McBride
    | Reply

    Sounds like he’s having the same problem with the MSI, maybe there was something else with the installer?

  6. Anonymous
    | Reply

    I suggest your vist this site and ask for it there in the comments.

    Apparently, there is somebody there that reads them and e-mails the install pack to people

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