Problems Everywhere

This has been a week of problems. Seems like everywhere I turn things aren’t working the way they should, or used to, whether it’s an on-line tool, technology at work, or at home, it’s following me around!

The wireless network card in my laptop is being finicky. I can create an explorer.exe crash in two clicks by trying to change the advanced settings while the card is connected. I tried updating the drivers, which completely wiped all the advanced settings that were stored, but didn’t really solve the problem. It just made me have to remember the encryption passcodes for work and home again. 🙂

I’ve noticed lately that Ping-O-matic is being difficult for me as well. I don’t use it that often to ping the various services but every once in awhile I like to let you all know I’ve posted something, but the ping form stops loading after 3-4 results. My assumption is that nothing past those first 3-4 is ever getting pinged, but I don’t really know. Their blog’s last entry is a promise to add Bloglines to the web form from April. I’m starting to wonder if this tool has been semi-abandoned. Anyone know differently?

Lastly, I tried to install the Gmail mobile client to my Blackberry 7730. The install went ok, and I can log in, but I can’t send anything. I get a Java unhandled exception, internal server error, every time I try. Blah! It’s just been that kind of week. Hopefully the weekend will be better, I have some home tech projects I’d like to get done, and I don’t need anymore problems!

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