Happy Hour

On Friday I went out after work with some of coworkers. It was one of our office assistant’s last day working for the Firm, and she was someone I’ve always gotten along with pretty well. Since she took it upon herself to specifically mention to me where they were going and since I really had no plans at all for Friday night aside from some techie stuff and watching TV at home by myself, I decided to go out.

This was really the first time I’ve spent any outside of work social time with people outside of the IS Department, and it was very interesting. I’m, obviously, not going to get into details here about it, but let me just say this. If you work in IT, especially if you do end-user support, hang out with some of your users sometime. I learned a lot about how they see things and the different perspectives they have when it comes to technology, the IT folks, and other areas of the firm.

It’s easy to get yourself into a certain mindset about your workplace when all you ever hear about is what doesn’t work correctly, and spend time interacting with other folks who have the same mindset. It helps to get outside and see things from a different perspective. Not only that, but it helps your users see you as a person, as opposed to “the helpdesk” when you interact with them in a friendly and social, manner, even if it’s just during the work day. Our industry could use more of that.

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