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Those of you who don’t follow my Twitter posts might not have known about our trip to Indianapolis this weekend, and my subsequent first ever trip to a Fry’s Electronics. We don’t have them in Ohio, so it was sort of exciting. I thought the store was pretty cool, and was a neat place to wander around and take a look at various things, like the Macbook Air, or the 30″ Apple Cinema Display, which looked really nice, and really expensive! 🙂

Anyway, I picked up an 8GB thumb drive while I was there, after being somewhat awe struck that I’ve had numerous computers with less storage than this tiny little USB drive.

So, now that I have all that space, I went over to grab parts of the Portable Apps Suite tonight and noticed that they have a portable version of Firefox 3.0 RC1 available. Since I’ve been wondering just how many of my extensions won’t work if I decided to move up to 3.0 anytime soon, I figured this would be a great opportunity to figure that out. So far two important extensions are not compatible, the Firefox tool and Greasemonkey. Ironically, the collection of Greasemonkey scripts built into the Better Gmail and Better GReader add-ons from Lifehacker, work just fine, which mitigates some of the pain caused by not having Greasemonkey available.

I’ll continue to look for extensions that aren’t available for 3.0 and let you know. What extensions have you run into problems with, and are they enough to keep you from upgrading when the time comes?

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  1. Andy, thanks for the tip, the extension is beta and thus is not the version that’s on the addons.mozilla site, that’s why it’s still showing as incompatible. The Greasemonkey still doesn’t work, in fact the comments on that post point out that it hasn’t been compatible since at least beta 5, let alone rc1 without a hack. Hopefully they’ll have a new release about the time FF 3 is official.

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