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First of all, it’s always good to keep this kind of list handy. Stuff happens and sometimes you need to try and get back files that were removed accidentally.

Secondly though, as many of us move to SSD hard drives for the speed, it’s worth being extra careful when deleting from those drives:

The reason that data recovery software can’t recover data from SSDs is simple. Virtually all current SSDs use so-called TRIM technology that increases efficiency and disk life by clearing disk sectors that are not being used. One result of this is that the data can’t be recovered by software, even if the file system retains its record of the sectors where the data used to be. With traditional spinning hard drives and USB flash drives, file recovery is relatively simple. Recovery software can find the location of a file’s data even if you’ve emptied the Recycle Bin, often even if you’ve reformatted the disk. But once a file is deleted from an SSD, and the Recycle Bin has been emptied, there’s no hope of ever getting that file back again, unless you have a backup somewhere.

That’s why my important stuff is in at least two, sometimes more, different locations, my computer, a backup external drive, and cloud storage. That way it’s always somewhere else if the worst happens on my PC.


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