Eleven Minutes

I just wanted to share a little story of good tech support. I needed to set up a mailing list, and on my hosting account the tool available to do that is a program called EZMLM. It works fairly well, but I needed to make a small edit to one of the configuration files for the list, which I don’t have access to. I need my hosting company to do that for me, so I put in a ticket request. The ticket was handled within about 90 minutes, which is impressive enough. The next day, I realized there was a typo in the change I had asked them to put in, so I sent an email to support asking them to correct it for me. That edit was done and the email responded to in 11 minutes. I can’t complain about that.

Speaking of mailing lists, remember there is also one that you can subscribe to to get new posts in your email if you’re not doing the whole RSS thing. 🙂

Tags: Techsupport, hosting, mailinglists

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