RSS on a Pocket PC

Anyone ever used PocketFeed? I’m looking for something that’ll do RSS on my new PocketPC but I also recognize that since I don’t have a WiFi card for it, I’ll be syncing it on the laptop for all the RSS feeds. It might be just as easy to run Amphetadesk on the laptop and copy over the output to the PocketPC on my way out the door, no?

I guess I really need to see how I’m going to use it before I make any major decisions on software or accessories, eh? I mean I know I’m going to keep my calendar/contacts/notes on it, and some work documentation (lists of assigned IP addresses, email account passwords, etc.) so that I can carry it around with me whenever I need it, but I don’t know how often I’m going to want to read news/RSS feeds with it, or read email newsletters with it. I guess we’ll just see. 🙂

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