I got an email earlier this week about an interesting new service put together by the people who gave us Numly, the service that lets you copyright your blog posts or other on-line content. (And yes, I’ve gotten away from doing that, mostly out of sheer laziness.) It’s a service they’re calling Docly:

Docly, the new Web 2.0 self-publishing service from Numly, allows authors to draft documents online using an online word processor. Upon final review of a document, the author may publish their digital work online and share it with others or sell it. Numly Numbers are automatically assigned to published works and embedded into the footer of the document with the appropriate copyright notice and verification of authenticity links. Copyrights supported include: All Rights Reserved, Creative Commons, and Public Domain.

Think of Docly as Flickr for documents mashed with Writely word processing and Lulu self publishing – plus you get all of the copyright protection and content metrics of Numly Numbers automatically.

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