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I re-learned two important IT lessons today. One occurred after we got up this morning to take a trip to the Zoo. I had gotten a new camera bag for my birthday, and spent a fair amount of time fitting the Nikon D50 into the bag, along with the extra zoom lens, and a few other extra things. It is nice having a bad that will hold the camera body and both lenses. Unfortunately, what we didn’t realize until after we arrived at the zoo is that I was so busy getting the new “tool” set-up, that I forgot one of the vital old tools. Yes, the camera battery was still sitting on the charger at home!

Needless to say, while we enjoyed our trip to the zoo, there are no photos.

The other lesson was overheard at lunch today. A little kid had reached the point of utter frustration with the group he was sitting with and informed everyone “I don’t like it when people use words I don’t understand!”

How many of your users, were they little kids and still spoke like that, say that about your IT staff?

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  1. Heh… I’ve yet to leave a battery at home, but I have left my compact flash card sitting in the reader on the computer more than once. It’s quite frustrating after you snap the first photo or two before realizing there’s no memory in the camera…

  2. User: I don’t like it when IT people use terms I can’t under stand!

    Tech: I don’t like it when users use technology they don’t take the time and responsibility to understand!

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