Sorry for the delay in posting, Blogger was doing some back-end upgrades, which I hope will make this stuff even better! Also, sorry for those of you who might have found a 404 when trying to get to this page very early this morning. I don’t know how but it just disappeared off the server. Luckily I had a backup so I could replace it easy enough even though Blogger was down, but I don’t know what happened. Maybe someone doesn’t like my opinions?

As an update to my previous post about the new Mac system here at work, management changed their minds again and went back to green lighting the system we had already all agreed upon. They were thinking of getting an add-on to a new copier instead of buying a new printer for him. It would cost $1500 more but the cost per page was lower on this than a printer. Eventually, however, they did the math and figured out that to cover the cost in the expected 3-year accounting cycle, he would have to print like 65,000 pages per year. That’s a lot of printing for one person! *L* I’m glad they figured that out themselves, I’m not sure I could have explained it diplomatically.

Today is more database work day. Have to get all the billing details ready for next week’s billing and generate past due lists for the sales folks to follow up on. Not fun stuff, or the most interesting stuff, but I do have to at least think about what I’m doing, so it keeps me busy and makes the day go quicker.

I’m still exploring new web hosting. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions, some of them look pretty good so far! If anyone has more, send ’em my way. I want to get the best deal I can find, both price-wise and service-wise! By the way, anyone have any good or bad vibes about readyhosting.com? I found them on my own, no one suggested them, just wondering.

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