Ch ch ch changes

Wow spend an evening at the hockey game and a Saturday running errands and stuff and things change so much while you’re gone it’s amazing. Here’s the latest. My hosting company is merging with another company and all of the accounts are being transferred starting tomorrow night! I got an email from my current host advising me to make a backup of the whole site before 5PM Pacific time Sunday. They will start moving folks around and could have some downtime off and on over the next 5 days. So if things get crazy on this site, you know why. 🙂 Hopefully it won’t be too bad, but we’ll see.

In terms of what this means for my current search for new hosting, I’m not sure. I think the conservative thing to do for right now is give this new company a chance to get things working and see how it goes before making another transition. But I’m keeping the information I’ve gathered close at hand, and I’m still open to anymore information you might have. I don’t know who the “other” company is, I think if I can find that out, any information I can gather on them will be factored into the equation as well. For now, keep your fingers crossed that things go smoothly this week and we’ll go from there!

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