Sundays are good!

Sundays are good, after being up until 3AM learning and playing with some Visual Basic stuff, my wife brought me some breakfast in bad around 10, and then let me go back to sleep for a little while. Excellent! Eventually we did make it out of the house for a trip down to the used book store. Picked up a book on ASP and XML, so the learning cycle can continue when my VB book goes back to the library tomorrow. I’ve gotten a pretty good grasp on how things work in VB, how the program works and where to start. The rest will be picked up over time, and from using it, I’m sure. I enjoyed the Sam’s Teach Yourself VB book, it was my first exposure to the Sam’s series of books, and they’re very good for a subject you don’t know much about to begin with. Very informative and easy to understand.

Still keeping my fingers crossed that this switch over starting tonight won’t result in much downtime. We shall see…

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