Why streaking at a hockey game is not a good idea

Because sometimes, after you climb over the boards you hit your head on the ice and get knocked unconscious. I see stupid people, they’re everywhere! *L*

Best quote in the article, though, goes to Bob Boughner:

“Well, it’s the shame,” said Boughner, with a grin. “It’s never a girl. It’s always a guy.”

I guess this is a case where you could argue that it’s never a girl because women wouldn’t do something so stupid, eh? Me, I’m not touching that argument with a ten-foot pole!

Nor will I make a big deal out of the fact that this happened in Calgary, so it probably wasn’t a dumb American either. *L*

BTW, I think comments are working again, sort of. Response is slow but it’s not giving an error any more. 🙂

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