Convergence of technology

iPodder looks like a bit of technology that might prove to be very, very useful. I installed it on my work PC and I envision using it to download audio content, like Adam Curry’s daily source code, for example. I can set the program to download the RSS enclosures overnight, and add them to my WMP playlist, and then listen to them as I work during the day. You can do the same, with WMP or iTunes, or you can have it downloaded directly to an iPod or other MP3 player and take the content with you. The site even has a list of shows that are currently available using the RSS enclosures.

Here’s hoping that soon we’ll all have a bunch of RSS-fed, “podcasts” to choose from!

Update: Just listening to Dave Slusher’s Evil Genius Chronicles, who described the format of guys talking about technology as “more interesting than it sounds”. That’s about true of his show. Using RSS, possibly BitTorrent and MP3 players, etc. may just start to spread into other types of radio shows, giving us all many new voices to listen to. There’s some real potential here…

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