We’re Moved But Not Done Tweaking

So, as you’ve probably noticed, the blog is now running on WordPress, and the blog home page is now being redirected to the main page of the site. There is still much work to do, to tweak the layout and work on pages, etc. but I think this is pretty much where we’re going to stay for now. I managed to pull in all of the blog posts and comments in from Blogger, but also decided to leave the static blog pages in place so as not to break 8 years of links from outside sources. Of course, I turned off the ability to comment on those too. If I can ever get a decent redirect solution in place I might take those pages out, but I’m not holding my breathe on that one. The existing RSS feeds, however, have been updated, so if you’ve been getting the full blog feed, or the tech, litigation support, or photo only feeds you should continue to see everything you were before.

Still, running WordPress now opens up some new possibilities, so I’ll be looking into some of those, and experimenting along the way. First, though, I’ve got to clean up some of the loose ends that the transfer left behind this week. Then we’ll get into some of the new things!

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  1. Bryan,

    Yeah it wasn’t bad getting everything in, though the WordPress-Blogger importer only works with Blogspot blogs, so I did have to create a temporary blogspot space to publish everything to, then import from there, instead of trying to use the exported XML file from Blogger. Part of that was the 2MB max on the import file for WordPress, my Blogger export was 4 times that and trying to split it was creating a mess. I would recommend just duplicating a blog on a blogspot address just to simplify it.

  2. Congrats.

    Once my server gets moved/updated (I have no idea what’s really going on, it’s a friend’s server, and it’s his server at his site, so it may be going to a datacenter), I’ll be doing the same thing. I like this Simplicity template. I may very well use that as my starting template. I’m also glad to see that it went pretty quickly. I can hope that mine goes as well.

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