And Some days..

The last post was about some people, this one is about some days. Some days nothing works.

Some days the internal Microsoft Mail Postoffice has random and sporadic problems. Some people can send messages fine, some people’s messages don’t get delivered until the user initiates a Send/Receive manually, despite the setting to check every “x” minutes. Messages I send always arrive, and drag the other messages with them when they get downloaded. Internet mail operates normally. I’m assuming the new Anti-virus is causing this, so I disabled all email scanning over our network. (The ISP still has it on internet mail) It still happens, sporadically, of course.

Some days comment spammers leave you a comment on your Movable Type site, and when you go to blacklist them, you find that a DNS error keeps you from actually getting to your own site. Some days that error is neither your ISP nor your host, it’s just some random DNS entry somewhere that is screwed up. (The host can get to the site and sees it as up, I can ftp to it using the IP, but can’t resolve the domain name, samspade reports a DNS error on traceroute..)

Some days a punk Live Journal user links directly to one of your images, and your Windows host doesn’t support any type of htaccess, leaving you to find your own solution.

Some days that solution is going to be a major project. Which probably won’t work anyway…

Some days, you can’t get to a bunch of your normal reads because someone decided to DDoS the host.

Some days you just post something to your blog so that something, finally, will work the way its supposed to before you go to bed.

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