Staffing chaos

Yes, it does seem like this sort of thing just happens once every six month or so, but we have a nice little perfect storm brewing up here in the office. One of our staff of 23 had a baby yesterday. Yeah for her! She’ll be on maternity leave, we may be getting a temp to cover her job functions until she gets back. Another of our small staff is leaving at the end of April. Both of these positions are the type of positions that don’t get a lot of glory, but are the people I trust and depend on to get the grunt work of data-entry, billing, reporting, etc. done. Not having both of them is going to be a pain!

Two other positions, that had been open, are being filled. Naturally, both of these people start the same day, the 25th. They’re hoping to have the temp, if they get one, and the other person’s replacement in about that same time. I’ll be spending much of my time the next two weeks scrambling around to make sure everyone has equipment, everything’s getting covered, everyone is being trained properly, and all of those sort of details are all taken care of.

Oh and did I mention that the week after that, 3 weeks from now, is our Annual Meeting? I’m not even sure what the tech equipment needs for that are going to be yet, but there will be plenty of time spent making sure that gets taken care of as well.

Should be an adventure, as IT always is!

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