Gmail Wishlist

As cool as Gmail is, there are some things that leave me frustrated with it. Here’s a short list of things I’d really like to see:

– Give me an option to export contacts! Or, what would be even nicer, let me sync my Outlook contacts with Gmail contacts. Having started on Gmail before it was accessible using POP, there are a whole bunch of contacts that were added as I responded to them using Gmail that I don’t want to have to re-enter in Outlook when I use Outlook to handle my Gmail.

– Give me a way, in the web interface, to group contacts together so I can address my email to a group.

– Speaking of the web interface and Outlook, while I appreciate the ability to use POP, can we make it interact with the web interface a bit better? Give me options on what I want to download to Outlook, not just “everything since the last time I accessed it using POP!” Give me options for unread items only, inbox items only (not archived), not sent items, etc. I use a number of different computers and I like being able to use the web interface on most of them so I don’t have to keep recreating my email accounts in Outlook, but when I get back to my main laptop, I don’t want to have to download tons of emails that I’ve already read but just haven’t trashed for one reason or another. Some people like doing that, so they have copies of all their Gmail locally, some don’t. Make it an option somewhere, please?

Other than that, it’s a great service! 🙂

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