Freeware licensing

A very good review by Fred Langa of licensing issues when it comes to using freeware inside of a business environment. The article was spurred by an emailer who talked about wanting to use freeware products to help with spyware but was getting caught in a corporate environment that required proof of license purchase before installing on the network. Fred walks through the different types of licenses and what you can and can’t do in a commercial environment. An interesting read, even if you’re not trying to convince someone that it’s legal for you to use a freeware product, because it will help you understand what is legal as well. And we all want to stay legal in the workplace don’t we?

If you aren’t interested in staying legal in the workplace, would you like me to remind you of the consequences of illegal software being found on a network that you are responsible for? Both the consequences to your employer, and yourself personally? None of use can afford it, I promise you that. 🙂

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