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The child abuse site seems to be stuck in the middle of a dispute between the hosting company and the reseller who originally donated the space to me. Actually all of the sites he manages are stuck in the same fight, so it’s not just me. I talked to him last night and basically told him to worry about his paying customers first, so it may be down all weekend while he gets those other folks up and running. Of course, I don’t have the most recent changes backed up so maybe I’ll just start over with something completely new and different over there. I’ll keep you posted!

I missed my news aggregator yesterday. I’d forgotten how much work it is to use another computer and try to find all those links and things. I didn’t get to look at even a quarter of the stuff I normally do on a weekday.

The first thing I ran into this morning was an unclean coffee pot. I know I’m not the only person who cleans it at the end of the day normally, but it seems like everytime I’m out, it doesn’t get done. I refused to make coffee this morning. Someone else can clean it and make it!

Yeah, I’m grumpy, sue me!

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