Return to work

After a planned three-day weekend and an un-planned illness caused me to also miss Friday, making for a long 4 day weekend, I returned to the office this morning to find that nothing’s broken. That’s a good thing. There was something broken on Friday, as someone decided that Friday, without me being around, would be a good day to unhook, move and re-hook all of their computer equipment. Naturally, it didn’t start after they got it hooked back up again. I was able to work with my boss over the phone to get it started, as they had not hooked up the scanner correctly, which I think was causing the hanging on boot up. (At least it booted once they unplugged the SCSI connection to the scanner, so I assume something in there wasn’t correct.) That was better than the alternative, as I was leaning towards a diagnosis of them somehow managing to unseat the RAM, which I don’t think I could have convinced anyone to look at over the phone. I might have had to actually get out of bed and come fix it for them.

Anyway, still lots of emails and small projects to get caught up on, but I should have that accomplished today, along with catching up on blog and tech news reading.

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