Thanks for the suggestions in the comments below, in reply let me say that, yes the host does support PHP and ASP, so I could, given enough time, figure out how to write a referrer script myself and have it display properly. (They don’t support MySQL, so I don’t tend to use PHP at all right now) Perhaps at some point, I’ll do that, although I think it’s the tables that create the problem, so if I could find a tableless CSS solution, I could use the other script. Of course, which is going to take me longer, learning CSS or fiddling with an ASP script?

The other solution, using Movable Type is a no-go until at least March 2003. My current host doesn’t support the required Perl mods to run MT. I’m paid up through then and if a good solution hasn’t made itself available by then, I’ll consider switching hosts so that I can use MT. On the other hand, how many hosts are going to support ASP/Access, PHP/MySQL and the proper Perl mods for MT, that I can afford?

Or, maybe, I’ll do a Radio trial and see how that works, but it has other limitations that tend to make it a bit unworkable for me. (I post from 3 different computers regularly, and none of them is left running 24/7.)

Yeah, I guess I’m just difficult. *L*

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