Instagram’s New Multiple Photos Feature

I saw the announcement while I was in London, and really, what better way to test out how it works than to simply grab my iPhone and stroll around London, tracking the walkabout as it happened, and then uploading it into one single post.

Last night in London walkabout, and checking out the new Instagram feature

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I can see a lot of use for this feature, in terms of just sharing an experience more permanently than I might share with an Instagram story, and allowing for comments and interaction in a way that I cannot with a story. Typically, I would have strolled around London that evening and uploaded one photo as a post, maybe 1-3 for my Instagram story, and if I had time, I might go back and share another couple of photos over the next view days. This seem a little more immediate, and a great way to share with my friends in real time.

The only downside, that I’ve seen, is that if I use something like IFTTT to cross post something from Instagram to Tumblr or a Facebook page, only the first image makes it. Users would have to click over to Instagram to get the full effect. Oh well, that’s part of using a network like Instagram, they would really prefer people stay in the app.

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