Playing the Hero

After a trip to the Franklin Park Conservatory this afternoon, followed by a nice lunch, we came home and my wife proceeded to head up to the office to work on uploading some of her photos. Not 10 minutes later, I hear her calling for me to come help her.

Somehow, the CF card she was using had become unreadable to her Mac. She had switched on the PC, which would read it, but didn’t show anything on it. Obviously, this is not good.

Now, the software I had loaded on that machine that I had used one other time in a similar situation didn’t read the card either, so I went out to grab a copy of PC Inspector Smart Recovery, which I had used numerous times in the past. Unfortunately, that program hasn’t been updated since 2004, and trying to run it on Vista resulted in an error. This is not good either.

So, I stepped up to Google and found Recovery Manager 1.5 from VAIOSoft. That program doesn’t list Vista as a supported OS either, but I took a chance and installed it, and it worked like a charm. The wife has her photos back, and I have her admiration, at least until the next time I do something dumb. 😉

What do you all use for this sort of recovery, and more importantly, when this happens to me while traveling and I only have my Macbook, what Mac utilities are available for this sort of situation? Or am I better off starting up the Vista virtual machine and use this anyway?

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