Sometimes it helps to be lucky

I’ve often said that one of the biggest parts of getting a good photo is just being in the right place at the right time. It’s pure luck. Of course, you can’t get lucky if you aren’t out taking photos, and going to places where good photos are likely, so there is a little bit more than luck involved.

In that realm, today turned out to be a bit of luck. We had plans to go up to my nephew’s birthday party late this afternoon, and since the weather had gotten a bit cooler, and it was looking to be a pleasant day, Angela had suggested we take a trip to the zoo on the way up.

Now, we’ve taken plenty of trips to the zoo for photos, and we knew they had brought in a handful of new animals and that the Flamingo’s had a new hatchling, so we were looking forward to some good photos.

When we got there though, we were surprised to see that they had the “birds of prey” out on display. Instead of being behind bars, they were out in the open, simply leashed to their perches, making for much better photo opportunities.  I’m not sre if this is something they’ve been doing on a regular basis of not, but it’s not something I’ve seen before. Of course, we couldn’t pass that up.

Another Owl

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  1. They often do it and it does give good pictures. They tend to put them on display after the wings of flight demonstration they have in the morning. On Friday I actually saw a turkey vulture in the wild for the first time – twice! The first time he was sitting on top of a mailbox and the second time he was “in action” with some roadkill. I got some photos of the first one but on a friends camera so I’m waiting to get the pics so I can upload them.

  2. I guess we’ve never been there after they do one of those demonstrations. It is cool that they do that.

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