New system Notes

Just a few things that have struck me about my new Vista machine:

OK, so Dell announced on June 18 that they were going to allow customers the option to not have some pre-installed software. I ordered my system the week before that and saw that option, how new is it really? This system came pretty clean, although the Roxio Drag and Copy program apparently uses a driver that isn’t compatible with Vista. There’s nothing like the feeling of starting up a PC and being told there’s an incompatible driver in the software that came with it.

To be fair to Dell, I was prompted to get an update to Roxio on my first boot, and it was the second boot where this problem started, it may well have been a Roxio update.

Other than that, and iTunes losing all my podcast subscriptions because the XML file got corrupted, I’ve been enjoying the new machine. I can especially see where Office 2007 is really helped by the increased RAM and Vista OS. Outlook 2007, which is a real system drag on my laptop, hums along pretty nicely on this machine.

Now I just need to continue getting all the various tools setup and getting used to where things are in the menus and options, and I’ll be uber-productive at home like I am at work.

Speaking of work, I also spent a good part of my work day doing the same thing to that machine after replacing the hard drive and re-installing XP. Somehow, I’m still not getting burned out on tweaking new machines, go figure!

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