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I didn’t even realize that had disabled the ability to dock the quick launch bar on the right or left of the screen, forcing it to stay down with the taskbar. That is, I didn’t realize it until I just tried to move mine! Since I like to hide all the desktop icons and just have a toolbar along the right side of my screen to launch programs, I wasn’t very happy about that. Luckily, I found a little tutorial on YouTube and learned how to workaround Microsoft’s decision.

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  1. Markus
    | Reply

    What version of windows are you using? I’ve never had a problem moving my toolbars around.

  2. Markus
    | Reply

    Ah now I see… Vista…

    When I posted the comment earlier I was viewing your blog on my Motorola Q (so no youtube clip).

  3. Mike McBride
    | Reply

    Yeah it’s sort of an interesting study in not being able to win. MS locked down the task bar to prevent people from accidentally moving it, which they do a lot. I know, I’ve taken the calls, both at work and personally. Unlocking it was just too easy, so I get making it harder to unlock, but they should have left you some option to unlock, which I guess they sort of did, with this workaround, though I doubt anyone planned that.

  4. Fringe
    | Reply

    You could have even more fun maybe if you tried Object Dock.


    Even the free version is worthwhile.

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