What a day

I got to work this morning and the new super-charged, powerful machine wouldn’t boot. After about an hour and a half of troubleshooting on my own, I eliminated the drive being the problem, even a brand new drive gave me a no device found error. At that point, it was time to gather up all the warranty information and make the call to Dell Enterprise Support. After two and a half hours of troubleshooting with them, we finally agreed that either the HD controller or the motherboard just wasn’t going to work, and the tech finally set-up an on-site visit to replace the motherboard and go from there. So, sometime Friday, or Monday, their tech should be out to fix it. So long as I don’t have to rebuild the hard drive, I’ll be alright, but it would have been nice to reach that point a bit quicker! 😉

To be fair, the guy was nice about it, and I wasn’t sure exactly what the problem was, so I knew going in it was going to take awhile to troubleshoot, it was just a tad slow paced for me. Especially since this was now over half my work day spent just troubleshooting my own machine!

Of course, the day my work Dell craps out, would be the same day the Dell I ordered for home was delivered. I’ve got that set-up and running updates right now. I imagine it’ll be a week or two before I’ve got this configured the way I want it to, but since I’ll have dual displays now, and my first real chance to use Vista, I’m looking forward to working with it!

Update: The Dell Tech was out Thursday, turns out both the HD controller and the drive were bad, so he replaced the motherboard and the drive, and I’m reconfiguring a machine at work, and one at home now.

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