Gsyncit Problems

I had been loving Gsyncit, as I mentioned before. Unfortunately, as with many other tools, an update created chaos with my machine tonight. When I opened Outlook, I was prompted to install an update to Gsyncit. I agreed to do that. Naturally, the install required me to close Outlook, which hadn’t finished opening in the first place because the start got interrupted by the update. So I had to do a quick end task on Outlook to get the update to complete. Not nice, but not a huge deal.

The huge deal was that Outlook crashed when I did try to open it, because of a Gsyncit error. The only way, short of starting Outlook in safe mode, to correct this was to actually uninstall Gsyncit.

Once I had gotten Outlook open without it, I went ahead and downloaded the latest version from the website, installed it, and tried it again. This time things worked pretty well. Somehow it even retained my license key and settings even after doing the uninstall/reinstall dance. Go figure. It saves me having to enter them all again, so I won’t complain.

Perhaps the next time they want to push out an update, just give me an option to download it, while explaining that I’ll have to run it after I close Outlook?

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