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In the back of my mind recently, I’ve been thinking about my D50, and when it would be time to replace it. A couple of things have brought this to my mind, one being the fact that if I was going to continue using it as my main camera, I need to get it professionally cleaned. The other has been the lack of non-High Capacity SD cards easily available for purchase. The D50 doesn’t support those, and I recently had one of my 2GB regular old fashioned SD cards go bad on me, reminding me to start shopping around online for a couple of replacements, especially before our European Vacation in November.

So the question was, do I keep investing in my old die-hard, which is getting fairly outdated, and which might have a limited number of shutter clicks left in it, or replace it with something that won’t cost too much, but which would be my main camera going forward?

Today, the answer came to me in the form of a pretty good deal at the local Sam’s Club. We went in there to do other shopping, but the $419 price tag on the package above sold me on the fact that I could get a decent replacement without breaking the bank, and one that will serve as a decent main camera for awhile going forward. Yeah, it’s hardly the latest camera technology on the market, but it was a relatively cheap upgrade on what I have been using, and that’s what I really wanted.

Looking forward to playing with it, and posting random travel photos.

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