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Linked: Instagram Has Quietly Been Asking Users to Set Up Multiple Accounts

Haven’t many of us already been doing this?

But Instagram’s prompt doesn’t seem based on encouraging a business account, but rather as a way to more directly target interests or smaller groups. The notice itself, according to the Journal, specifically encourages the action to “keep up with a smaller group of friends.”

I know I’ve read elsewhere over the years that this was actually popular with teens, to have a “public” Instagram and then one just for friends. Even an old out-of-touch guy like me has had two Instagram accounts for years. One to just be me and have fun with, and one to focus on mental health stuff.

It seems to me like Instagram is just catching up with what we’ve been doing, and trying to juice up some numbers among the folks who hadn’t already considered doing this, right?

Do you have more than one Instagram, or other social media, accounts? I have quite a few myself. It only makes sense.


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