Facebook Adds Spam Filter to Pages

This evening, when I went over to the fan page for one of my blogs, I saw a big banner across the top, advising me to check my spam filter. I don’t recall pages ever having a spam filter before, but sure enough, once you click options on the Wall, there it is, the last choice, to look at what “spam” has been filtered out. Once there, you have the choice to flag the offending item, or to click on the remove “X” to the right of the item and make the choice between unmarking it as spam, which will then post it to the Wall, or removing it completely.

I have to say. I really like this feature. One of the biggest disappointments to me about Pages is that there is no notification system setup for them. So when someone posts something, or comments on one of the blog posts that are fed to the fan page, I don’t know about it unless I go looking for it. Seemed like that was an easy way to let spammy wall posts just sit there for a long time before being discovered. While this isn’t the feature I wanted, it might at least help alleviate the spam posts. We can hope anyway.

Now, about those page notifications…..

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