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Linked: How Slack impacts workplace productivity

Apparently, it’s a never ending problem. Offices got phones so people could communicate, but too many people spent too much time on the phone. Then it was email, then it was the open office, now it’s Slack, Teams, etc.

““By lowering the barrier to initiate communication, the hidden side effect is that Slack has the quiet capacity to exponentially increase communication overhead. Resulting in much more voluminous, lower quality communication.””

Do you think management will ever figure out that it’s not the technology that is a problem, it’s expecting a large group of human beings to all communicate without it turning into a huge mess? There’s a reason small teams are often more agile and productive, there’s fewer pointless conversations. Large teams = large communication overhead. Technology can’t change human behavior.

Also, if you really want the ultimate example of this, just look at social media. A tool designed to help the entire world collaborate, and well, it’s pretty much a mess too.

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