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Can I Get Some Help?

OK, I don’t usually ask for much around here, but today I am asking for a favor. You see, I’m going to be part of a hand-on session at the ILTA conference this year, and I’m currently working on putting together a PST file to use as part of our demonstration. (We need to get this submitted early so it can be incorporated onto all of the PC’s in the hands-on session.)

Anyway, since we’re using this PST as a demo, I can’t put anything in it that is specific to work I do for my firm. I’ve been filling it with all sorts of newsletters and email lists, but I also need some good, honest to goodness work emails, only they have to be generic. So, if you would like to help out this little project, and don’t mind the fact that 50 or so attendees will see your email address on the email, all you have to do is send an email to my work address (mmcbride at bricker.com). It can be about the donuts in the kitchen, or the team meeting schedule or you can send me an email asking for the TPS reports. (In fact, I may just use TPS reports as part of the search and filter queries, so really, send me some of those!)

I’m hoping this will be a good demonstration on email productivity, and really, since we’ll all be in Vegas for the week instead of the office, what better time to learn about how to locate the important stuff piled up in the inbox!

Thanks everyone!

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  1. I’ve sent you an email – let me know if you need more. I could also sign you up for some spam too if you like 😉

  2. Dan, those emails are hilarious, but I might have to pick and choose which ones to use for a PG audience.;-)

    Thanks Andy, got the email you sent. I’m actually pretty good to go on spam and email list messages. It’s the actual work-related messages that don’t have confidential information included that are hard to come by!

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