Interesting reading for today

Interesting reading for today:

Via Scripting News I found this piece on what may be in store for the internet in 2002. I’ve seen a number of these type articles lately, for obvious reasons, and most of them are crap! This one actually understands that there’s good stuff out here, away from all the big money sites.

Via Boing Boing , comes this NY Times article about an Arab-American Secret Service Agent who was thrown off a domestic flight and questioned for over an hour, while airport police refused to check his story. Gee our paranoia is truly running rampant and getting the better of us isn’t it? Shameful.

I spent the better part of last night installing new geek toys that I got for Christmas. My in-laws picked up an IBM PC camera, which I will be using to keep some updated, fun, silly shots up there in the corner of the blog. I should have something up there from the cam tonight or tomorrow night.

My wife’s aunt and uncle sent us $$ for Xmas and I was able to use that to pick up a new network card for my laptop. So the next time I need to travel I don’t have to copy files from my desktop to the website, and then dial up with the laptop to download them again. *L* I went to a little place called Tri-Comp Computers, in Huntington, WV to get the network card while we were visiting the in-laws in Proctorville, Ohio. My brother-in-law picked up a used one there for $10, so I was hoping for something similar. They were all out of used one’s but had a brand new one for $39, which is way cheaper than I’ve seen them in Columbus.

I’m needing to run out to Radio Shack or someplace to get an RF adapter in order to setup the Sega Dreamcast my brother’s got me. I’m not a big gamer, hence the reason I went with an older system, it’s way cheaper than the PS2 or Xbox. I’m only gonna use it to play baseball, football, and hockey, no reason to spend that much! *L*

I’ve only had one request to install someone else’s new toys at work. I expected a few more. This person got a Sony Clie PDA. Unfortunately he got one with the USB connector, which isn’t going to work with a Windows NT Workstation. Anyone know if Sony makes a serial adapter for this? I guess I’ll go try to find out how much that might cost him before I break the bad news to him.

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